Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's less than 4 days till Halloween and I don't have a costume! Eek!

Scary huh?

I procrastinate.

Before I get into that though,  My husband is now, one step closer to Warrant officer!  He is getting his packet together and getting the required paperwork processed.I hope he gets selected.  Selection is in January. Say a prayer. Things look positive...so far.On another front, he is graduating from ANCOC November 23rd, did not realize he was in school...see I rarely pay attention to his career, and since I am now a stay at home mom--he informs me that school started last week...and not only is he in school for ANCOC he is also an instructor for ANCOC?! How is this possible?  Oh well, thats the Army for ya.

I think it's safe to say that he is going to pass.

As for me, Halloween is around the corner and although I have done absolutely nothing festive around my house for it, I will have my kids dressed up and out trick or treating.  Afterwards, we grown ups in the French household will be going out to DC to hang out with friends from Maryland and hit the night spots out there. This should be fun.We will do our own adult prancing around in costumes.

I will take pictures, no I don't know what I am going as,(initial reason for this post) and yes, it will be something sexy.(I like sexy tasteful)  It's the one time of the year to dress up like whatever, but trust me it will be tasteful.I'm still fairly young...I am not dead yet...and I still look hot.  Is that wrong to say about oneself?  I hope not, it was not to be conceited, I swear.

Here is some pictures of Halloween's past. I did not dress up every year, but here's just a couple years when I did (and had a camera around) and threw in some of the kids' costumes as well:

I was Goldilock's, it goes with this theme here:

Fairytale characters.

ok so for those two pics above it was for a birthday bash for my Libra girlfriends, we were "St Catherine's Graduating Class of 2005" it was fun.

This is last year 2008, Princess Angelina was a scarecrow...and I looked like a witch! lol

Joscelyn's first Halloween 2008 she was a Jack O Lantern...no candy for you Peanut, not until this year.

Princess was Pooh her first Halloween, but she was just also a month old...so costumes weren't all that too easy to find, but we found this, and it was so cute for her and perfect.

and the last year P dressed up which was in 2006.  He was a skeleton person...or something or other, lol.

He says he will dress up this year, we will see...I am taking him last minute shopping on Friday.
That should be fun.

So what should I go as?  What should me and hubby do? A couple theme or go it alone and be something totally different.
One year, I was a bad fairy, and he was a convict, lol...it will be the first time since 2003 he has dressed up.  So we have to figure out something.  Any suggestions will be wonderful.

Our one couple friend has said they will are going to be Mark Antony and Cleopatra. How romantic! 
Hubby suggested we be Chicago Gangsters...Al Capone and I be his lady flapper...I was like I don't know. but I would probably do some type of Mafia outfit.

Princess is Snow White again cuz she wanted it, but its a new costume...and Peanut this year is going to be Belle if I can get the outfit to fit correctly. I may just have to find an alternative when I go shopping with P to get another outfit. Whatever we get the girls will be cu-tie!

I don't know what I want to do, and time is running out. Help!? Ideas?!

Monday, October 26, 2009

My traumatic experience, need a hug!

Last night, I made up my mind never to take a shower again with my husband.

Here are the event's that transpired:

Me:  Did you just fart?
Him: No.
Me:  What is that smell then?
Him: Nothing, I don't smell a thing.
Me:   You lie...I can smell it. YOU CAN'T SMELL THAT!?!
(Then I proceed to jump up on my bench and stand on my tiptoes to get fresh air.  all mind you, while soaking wet...the shower is on full blast and warm... while he is laughing his butt off at me.)
Him:  Sorry.
Him: (laughing hysterically at this point and rinsing the soap off...let me tell you I had shampoo in my hair and it was getting into my eyes.)
Him:  Ok, Ok...I have to say I have never before seen a woman spiderman her naked butt up a shower before, thanks for the experience honey. I love you.
Me:  (thru clenched teeth) I love you too, now open the door please.

So we laughed about it afterwards, because after having a great laugh at my expense...I was really dying in there, it was traumatizing... he did finally get out of the shower and turn the vent on and release the noxious gases from my shower...needless to say, I got out of the shower after rinsing off and rewashing my skin...as amends he scrubbed my back. Brushed my teeth, and got dressed and went to bed.  He of course slept like a baby...I was tossing and turning for another two hours.  Yeah...men.  If this is how he shows he loves me...sheesh.

Anyone have this happen to you or something similar?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Just another Sunday (long post)

I added a few new things to my blog...twitter updates, facebook badge and updated the blogs I follow list.
I recommend you check out these blogs as they are all a good read.

I am loving my curve...it can do just about everything I need it to do...which is great for when I am on the go--which now doesn't happen as often as I am a stay at home mommy.

I am kind of loving that title though, but I do want to get out there and work again.

I also joined a few meetup groups here in the area.  I have yet to get out to a meetup...or rsvp for one, but I am sure that day will come when I see something that interests me or something I have time to go and do.

People just assume because I stay at home that I have absolutely no life...and although as a stay at home mom I do bitch about how I don't have a life sometimes, we all know that this is not true.

Peanut has been throwing tantrums lately, but she is just too super cute to fuss at.  I do my best and just hold her for a few minutes, give her something to drink if she seems thirsty and put her down for her to go terrorize the family again.  She got up really early today and she has been a cranky butt ever since even after she ate a good breakfast, a good lunch and had two snacks.   I don't know-- maybe all that attention she got in Montana is making her be a little more fussy.

I am feeling exhausted these days.  It's the weather.  I feel like I have been hit with a two by four at times.  I ache in my knees which I broke falling up stairs in my twenties (I used to have some fun back in those days and I have scars and war wounds to prove that, lol)...ok so you ask how do you fall UP stairs?  Well...it's possible, I did it.  Alcohol + kickass stilettos (which I love, love, love any type of super cute, super hot shoes!) + hubby calling me on the phone from NTC= Suki tripping falling up stairs.  I had physical therapy for six months but I fully recovered except for the phantom pains when the weather is too cold or starts to change or when it rains. 

Princess is being her typical good sweet self.  My husband tells me I favor her more, and I admit, I do...she is my princess.  I don't let her or her siblings know this by any means, as I am fair to both my girls and my son as well, but he sees that sometimes I just coddle her more than I do the others or baby her just a tad bit more--when shes not around her brother or sister, because she is my shy girl and shes independent of the others.  I don't know why I do it, I just do, and I am not sorry for it either.

Am I wrong for that?  I mean, my kids all get spoiled...and they get alot of attention from me.  The girls more so in a way than my eldest because he is always either playing outside with friends or doing his own things away from me...he's pretty independent.  When it comes to shopping though, I buy things for all three even if one child needs more, I still try to include the other children by getting them something, even if it is simple as giving one a soda or a favorite snack when I go clothes shopping for one of them.  So they don't feel left out.

P, he's outside playing with his friends.  Earlier today he was inside playing video games and with his sisters paying some attention to them, so that was nice.  I try not to burden him too much with his sisters, he's a great help with them, but he is by no means their parent.  He willingly plays with them and entertains them or just keeps an eye out on them when I am busy or just need a break. 

Jere is upstairs watching REDZONE...it's Sunday, football is on and the Bears are playing so you know he is all about some football.  Me I watch sometimes.  I am more of a fan when I am in the mood for it.  Today I just want to spend time enjoying my girls, my phone, and connecting with people.

Jere came home from work Friday and announced that we will be moving to SCOBEY when he gets out of the army in 10 years (he has to stay in that long to make 3 dots-since he is going warrant next year) because Chief got a phonecall from his daughter at  junior high school--she was frantic.  Why?  She had just been pushed into the wall locker, and groped by a male student!  This was the ball that dropped that made him decide.  So it is official.  I am excited.  It's a long way away, but it's not unforseeable, I know now where we will be in ten years.  Can check that off my ten year plan.

Still have not connected with anyone yet around here or metup with anyone.  It's okay.  I am sure I will meet someone.  I am going to go walking today.  Jere said that he would take a walk with me even though he's keeping up with NFL REDZONE, he would take the time. 

Still have not met my neighbor who lives two houses down yet...but the weather has been terrible since I have been home and no one has been outside.  It's a nice day today though so I better get out while I can.

I miss big blue sky.  I love the fall trees and colors here, but I miss being out west. and miss being in Georgia...I miss my parents.  My friends there.  I wish I could be in all the places that my friends are at. and family. and I just wish...


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Six word Saturday

Korean Eggrolls

I downloaded myspace and facebook for my blackberry curve today and made Korean eggrolls (mandu) for lunch and Jere made enchiladas for dinner. It's been a lazy Saturday.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


ok excuse the title, but apparently the people at FEDEX work for SPRINT, they are just plain stupid. 

How hard is it for you to ring a doorbell?  I was sitting right in my living room and your pathetic excuse of a driver didn't even ring.  I had a feeling someone had stopped by, as I got up and checked to see, there's a fed ex tag, and the truck is rolling down the road.  It says I can pick up my package after 630, so I drive there, and guess what??? The location closes at 7, but today it was 659 and by all accounts including my phone which is updated by the satellitte...it was 659 and you were closed!

So now I have to wait another day for the delivery...your employees didn't even want to try to attempt to get my package from whereever it is in the back.

I signed the signature release so just in case, so they can just leave it at the door.  I even called and complained and they apologised but that location was closed and the employees had no access to get my packaging to me as their systems were not running or whatever the excuse was...

grrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhh I want my friggin phone. one more day...

but on a good note...my husband got a tire for his car, yay...it came today and he picked it up at the PX or wherever he went to on post and got it, it came in and they called him, so I get my lac back. Yay!

so I have to deal with this phone for one more day...and since the delivery is after 3 pm...it is going to be a long day tommorow.

Curves, Donuts and Nutcrackers

So I had to get a new phone, Peanut destroyed my pearl, so I got a touch, and I hate it, so my husband bought me another phone which is just like my pearl, but its a curve...so we will see if I like that one better. I love buttons and pink.  Today my pink pearl should be here, I am excited.

The phone number for it has to be changed though, to switch it over to my number and his number needs to be switched to the touch---the blackberry touch...which leaves his envy, which will go to our son who has a phone he doesn't even know about yet...which he will be happy. he's been using a samsung now for two years, but he is getting an upgrade of a slightly used phone from his father. all will be well and we will all have the phones we want....hopefully.

I had to get onto facebook to ask my friends for their contact information again though, because she destroyed the data port--where the phone gets charged at and they could not retrieve it. Bonus though, the curve I heard has the exact same battery as the pearl so I can use its battery to turn my old phone on, and retrieve my contact list--crossing fingers...hope its true...otherwise I am back to square one.

on another note, my daughters are asleep. I can blissfully enjoy my coffee and check my messages, play with my resume and chat with friends for about an hour or so...lol.

awh, the little things...

Oh forgot to blog about this, my husband and I went to get my new phone on Saturday night after we got home and got showered and kids settled down, fed, etc.  and we went to Prince William Pkwy to the mall out there and hit up the verizon store, all was fine, it was cold and rainy but it was nice. Anyways on our way home he caught a flat on the interstate, as he was changing the tire and I was playing with my new touch phone..trying to figure it out, someone stopped to help him and it was a female, very beautiful blonde haired female, who was in the Army...he recognized her but did not know her name, but he said "no thanks ma'am, I got it" because it was rainy and dark and cold and I was in the car---not that she could see me, we have dark tinted windows and you cannot see in my car even during the daytime...and he didn't want to give her the wrong impression I guess, (maybe he thought I would flip out--but no, not like that) so she said "Oh, ok looks like you can handle it, take care! " and she left...I asked him who was that and he said "I don't know but she was too pretty to help me change a tire out here in the rain, besides I already have it loose and off."  I was like well you should have let her help because we could have been friends, lol (Me always thinking about meeting people and opportunities, even in the freezing cold and rain and situation of the tire blow out).  Ten minutes after I told him he should have gotten help from that lady, and the whole I could have made a friend or we could have...another car stopped and it was a guy who worked at Quantico for some agency there, I think he said DEA, but he helped my husband change the tire.  Now I just told my husband that we needed friends, do you know that this guy was talking to him telling him about himself, talking to both of us, and helping him out with the tire changing and all my husband does is shake the mans hand and says thanks?  I wanted to smack him, he could have made two friends...but instead he didn't even give him his business card nothing...Now before we got here, he used to be way super friendly and meeting people was easy and natural, now he's just like them.

I pointed this out to him and he was like I just didn't see it, sorry.

Oh well, two missed opportunities.

Afterwards, we went to target and purchased a movie for Denny The Uninvited. When I watched it, I was like this looks like a tale of two sisters, a Korean horror flick I have...and it was the remake of it in English..with a twist.

It was alright though.

Also bought duplicity, but have not cracked it open yet.  I may watch it later.

We went initially to find Transformers which didn't come out until yesterday, but we decided we will buy it next week.  Also, I wanted to find The Proposal, but it was already sold out, so instead of going to Walmart, we just went home.

Before that though I scored this 12.99 nutcracker figurine, but not just any nutcracker figurine--my first Nutcracker figurine in ACU's he is so freaking cute!

I will take pictures of him later and add them to this post or another one...but I just had to share that.

Still no cigar on the friends in this area front...
Back to the car....the donut on the car was convenient, we took his cobalt so it had a spare in the trunk, it wasnt a full tire though it was a donut...so we bought another tire that won't be here until Thursday or Friday...so my husband has been driving my escalade with instructions to check the tire pressure and to be careful.

His blowout was internal though so it wasn't his fault he didn't run over anything.  Those things just happen, the tire was shredded but the rim wasnt bent or anything and the wheels didn't fall off. yay.

I want to go see my friend, like I came home and have a better more positive outlook on things, and was going to go see her...but I can't until I get my ride back. I am not driving on a donut all the way to Maryland.  I. am. not. the. one. to. do. that.

I won't even drive it down the street.  I am too embarrassed, sorry.  If I had to in an emergency, I would but if I can delay going anywhere in it, I will.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Montana Highlights

the day we left for Montana October 6th, 2009
Here's Harper's Ferry in WV

not much to look at I know...but it was still pretty to me.

me on the train holding the Peanut

Union Station in Chicago.  Stood outside to have a cigarette and snapped the picture, it was true..it's windy in the windy city.  Took pictures of the Sears Tower, but that I have at Facebook
so just add me, I add everyone who sends a request.
Here are some photos while we were there, and of the train ride home.

they had a port a potty derby going on Oct 10 when we were in town, this is what the Cottonwood Inn submitted in their derby...don't ask me who won, we didn't go see it or the parade.

These are the Whitlows, and grandpa Mickey's ashes were spread around on his farm.

He always said you could see all the way to Virginia from here:

note: we are facing Canada, so that was quite funny when you think about it. :)
Here is Angelina on the trip sleeping:

and denny cruising back from the lounge

yeah he was walking too fast, but this is from a cell phone...so this is what you get, lol..
he won't stand still long enough to get a photo
here's Peanut being herself...

more pics are on my facebook of the entire trip and while we were there.
Just click the widget on the left hand side of my blog and add me as a friend.
We returned on October 17th, 2009.
Loved it so much, that we are moving back there in about 6 years. Excited.
Met alot of wonderful family.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dear So and So...

Saw that some people on my myspace were writing posts like this in bulletin posts, so I thought I would try this one here.  Hope you enjoy my thoughts on so and so.

Dear Thighs, Butt, and Boobs,

Thank you for standing your ground and maintaining your stupid too small size, even though my Precious Peanut is 14 months old now and I eat all the time like a horse and lounge around, it's nice to know that I will never have that banging body chasing after a baby that drains all of my energy away... It's exciting to have to try to find pants and skirts that fit my small assed frame...slightly larger than a kids size...I would love to have a butt to actually say I have some junk in the trunk...what the heck happened that you had to go AWOL on me? Having my boobs shrink down to the size of pears, after three kids....was super exciting!...(Note my sarcasm)

Pissed the heck off...


Dear Boobs,

Please refer to the above post^^. What have I ever done to you to make you treat me so badly? I buy you nice bras, massage you when you are sore, wear supportive garments and take you to the doctor once a year. Yet lately, you and my belly button are trying to become best friends--Oh the betrayal! I will remember this.

Soon to be Sagging,


Dear NGIS,

Thank you for keeping my hubby at work late to train your dumb re-class and bncoc students. Thank you for teaching them to draw points on a map and whatever else you do, I love how I think about their future, and that they will work for companies such as Google or map quest to create GPS systems that takes me in a million different directions when I only need the quickest or the most alternate route...I appreciate you drawing this to my attention, that there is a graduation for this class, and that there will be cake and refreshments. I'm sure the countless man hours spent deciphering between "what a bridge is" and "if it is an obstacle" will pay off tremendously in my efforts to GPS navigate my way to the local Target. I will personally attend the ceremony..if I can ever figure out where it is with my GPS. I also don't absolutely know what he really does...but it has to be important, I don't see him until 10 pm some nights. I am beginning to think him and Tim are the only two E7's in the entire army that actually work!

Want my husband to spend more time at home,


Dear Good Idea Fairy,

Whoever cleared you to work for the Government is an idiot, yet you still keep showing up. I really loved your work with the automatic lights in the break rooms and bathrooms of the Fort Belvoir Commissary. Having it go dark in the middle of the day while I am squatted over a toilet is such a hoot! Its especially humorous to see government employees with lettuce hanging from their mouths, jumping up and down and waving their arms at the sensors. Oh, and keeping the Commissary open seven days a week was such a great idea. I get to shop with 1000 of my closest non friends and get even closer when waiting in lines wrapped around the meat department. I also get to stand in the silence that only gets cut through (and I wish for it at times )by a screaming baby, due to the fact that no one speaks to anyone here. Is that some type of OPSEC I didn't get the memo for?

Wishing I could set your wings on fire,


Dear Ft Belvoir and the Commonwealth of Virginia Residents,

I want to personally commend you for remaining the flagship installation of the Army. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for opening up my eyes to what the Flagship installation has to offer for its families. I'm glad you stood your ground and decided to make your gate guards announce it to us every time we pass through your crusty half- arced secured gates. I also love how Clark Pinnacle Housing handles housing issues. It makes me feel so much more grounded when I got to choose between housing that is old and falling down, to new shoddily built housing that you threw up in a short period of time that is too close together, and too short on space. Bonus though, it also is perfect for people who are not like me and don't want to ever get to know their neighbors, thank you for the closed off feel and the privacy fenced back yards, the cold front doors without screens or proper porches for visiting, thanks for the unfriendly curb appeal and atmosphere of your brand new housing. There is a community center though that has meetings once a month for newcomers that NO ONE Goes to that we can try to meet new people, that was a great idea. I suppose my neighbor and I could have become friendly like Mr. Wilson from Home Improvement, and peek over the fence and we could have talked to each other's eyeballs. Thank you for all those row houses that look so much alike. Thank you for instead putting me in Hood lawn...I mean Woodlawn village for a year. It was always super quiet there too...neighbors? I seen neighbors, when they were rushing off in their vehicles, but because of the atmosphere here, no one talks to anyone. On another note thank you for not fixing my leaky faucet, running toilets, or leaking ac units, you caused your already spooky, WWII era decrepit place to get black mold--I understand you were refurbishing them this year and we would have moved anyways into your new housing with even more unfriendly atmosphere. Thank you for not charging me a cent for damages, I would not have paid you a red cent anyways. The decision for me to pack up my family and move out of housing and into a beautiful house 45 minutes away came easily for me. Thank you for leading me in the right direction. We were hopeful, but then realized that just about everyone who is from Virginia has the "give everyone who says hello, the silent treatment" thing going on. Someone must have schooled them to remain silent, ignore or just stare when teaching them etiquette. Thank you for also helping my husband decide to chase dots and get assigned elsewhere. You did so much great things for us Fort Belvoir and Virginia! My heartfelt thanks!

Patiently waiting for a new duty assignment to a friendlier post and/or state,


Friday, October 9, 2009

Peanutty being nutty

Here's proof of one thing that peanut masterminded by herself she moved the playhouse to top of stairs in an attempt to go down the stairs in the tent. I never mentioned she can't climb down stairs she can go up them though just fine. She crawls up. She figured that she'd slide down in a tent to get downstairs-that would be easier than walking!
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Thursday, October 8, 2009

In Glasgow Montana

In Montana now. A few cousins a gramma and an aunt are here also waiting for other aunts uncles mother in law and grandmother in law to get here. Kids are good
although Angelina is being shy... here are the pictures finally (updated oct 20 2009)

my Peanutty is actually being a good girl...lol

hugging Grandma Cathy

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

This train is slow!

Its midnight and I don't even know where we are we left Cumberland Maryland at 825 we were late cuz of delays its been a trip we should get to Chicago at 820 am but because we are behind it'll be about 930 before we get there. Its been alright tho my son and daughters (my girls) have been good the food from the cafe near the sky lounge is good... Its been pretty good so far I guess. Talking to people on the train and was viewing the sights before it got dark. Its late and kids are sleep and so is everyone else so I will try to get some shuteye too. Other than the length its not a bad ride.

Here are the pics from earlier when we were at the park burning some energy and enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Leaving for Montana so far so good will send pics from train :)

Fw: Mani/pedi

It was great and felt pampered it was a two hour experience that was amazing!

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Monday, October 5, 2009

When Plans fall through

Ok so my weekend plans fell through.  I did not hang out with either girls.
Homie from out of town had family stuff to do and that is understandable, she was traveling to see her family and I understand it's not possible to see everyone everytime, so I will just have to visit with her her next visit which she will have more time in November.
Homie #2, well that was my fault, I didn't get up early enough to go see her, this weekend I was a bum...and today when I did call her to go meet up, she got a surprise--her man came home from deployment and so we decided to just meet up at their welcome party...one of many out in DC when I get back from Montana in a couple of weeks.

Oh well, I did have a few good things go on this weekend though. Got to shop for my daughters and son, bought them warm winter clothes...AT WALMART! I hate that store, but there is a supercenter about 11 miles from me in Fredericksburg, so I went and actually enjoyed it, and for the first time in my life walking into a walmart, I spent under 300 bucks and bought groceries for the next two days as well, and they got 7 outfits a piece...so that is spectacular.

Now I am not one of those thrifty people but I felt like I did something special by saving money. Kudos to me. LOL

ok, so enough about that...

GOT OUT OF THE YARDWORK. by the time I got done blogging about it, they were finished and I got to sit out on my clean patio and enjoy the nice sun and cool breeze...it was cool.

Today back to my regular routine...my girls are still asleep and its 1130, I am going to go wake those two bums up...lol. I have been up since my son was up this morning for school.  It's been an okay day so far.

I think with all this free time I am going to just get my nails done today and then pack for my trip tommorow. Yay...2 days on a train...note my sarcasm.  I am not looking forward to the ride, but looking forward to the trip.  Just wish that flying wasn't so hectic or stressful on my girls, I am hoping this train ride won't be either.  Either way I am thankful.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Six Word Saturday

1. I'm lounging around in my pajamas

2. Am being recruited to yardwork detail

(I'm participating in this site called Show My Face.) what are your six word Saturday?  you can give an explaination or not.

I am debating still on going to MD. My husband has started to do yardwork and is asking me to help...not my favorite thing to do, I think I will just sweep the deck, and possibly pick up some leaves maybe.... I woke up late. Got a text from my friend to meet up tommorow--which is ok, she came to see her family and that is understandable, she was going to just squeeze me in, so I am back to square one.  I want to drive to MD, but then a part of me cant get it together because I just woke up at noon. Need to eat then get a shower and just go I guess.

The drive will be about an hour and a half so that should not be too bad. 
Will keep you posted. I am just procrastinating today and I guess a little bummed.

Friday, October 2, 2009

What a difference an hour makes!

Got a call from Jere on my cellphone, and guess what?  He's off this entire weekend!?!
But remember my other plans?  So now I have a choice to make. Here is what I have come up with:

I am going to postpone seeing my girlfriend from Maryland until Sunday so that I can spend time with my hubby and my friend from out of town tommorow since she leaves early Sunday morning to drive back to Georgia.  So, I am going to give my girl in Maryland a call and change plans.

I will explain the situation, that way I get to spend time with both friends this weekend and still as well get to spend time with my husband too.

It's win, win with me getting to spend time with everyone. 

At least that is how I see it. If girlfriend in Maryland can't commit to Sunday, than that is fine, we can reschedule for another day as we both are SAHM now, recently leaving our lucrative careers to care for children at home, and I am sure we can do other things.  It's been awhile since I have seen my homie from Georgia and bonus, her husband is with her, so Jere won't be bored with idle girl talk, he can have a man date as well with her hubby.

Sweet!  I just hope not to disappoint anyone this weekend. Will let you know how it all went.

Bonus:  Today I said hello to our new neighbors two houses down, I was unloading the Lady and she was outside, I waved and spoke--and she waved back. She has two children-girls around Angelina and Joscelyn's age...cool cool.. Will have to try to formally "meet" them this weekend.

Excited about the possibilities on that one--playdates, get togethers, birthdays,...wonder if she likes coffee?...guess I will just have to find out.  Makes me want to go knock on her door, but not sure if that is the way to do things now days.

Wow, I have weekend plans!

It's 3:34 in the afternoon, my son is just now getting home. I just finished talking to my girlfriend who lives in Maryland one I have never met in real life yet, but we have chatted online for almost a year and on the phone.  Tommorow I will be driving out to see her so that should be great.  It's like I can relate to her but she lives sooooo far away, but it will be alright. I will finally get out of the house and go socialize with someone who I have something in common with and our kids will get out of the house and have fun with other kids.  We plan on taking the kids to the park and having lunch, or just sitting around and having coffee.

Yay for me!

I can't wait.

Oh and bonus, Saturday evening or Sunday I will be visiting my girlfriend from Georgia, she will be in Spotsylvania Virginia which is about 15 minutes from me to visit her grandparents, so I get to see her too. Excited to see one of my homies from back home.  Right now they are traveling from NY so they should be in the area tonight so I will give her a call tommorow and see what is up.  Maybe we can just hang out here or have dinner tommorow night.  It's up in the air what we will be doing, but still something to look forward to.

You are probably wondering well why aren't you going to spend the weekend with Jere?  Well truth is he is working this weekend, they have production and he's an instructor so yeah...he won't be home until after 5, so I thought the kids and I would get out of the house.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Here is our space

Finally took some pictures of my house, here they are... now its only the main level, still have to take pictures of the finished portions of my house that are in the basement and upstairs...when its a little more put together.  I know its minimilistic, but it's because I have kept everything tidy behind cupboards and stuff.  Just sharing my space with ya.

this is my kitchen and my daughter walking through my picture, just as I had it all lined up...

here is our breakfast nook, but for now we eat in here mainly due to the fact that my dining room table and chair set, I gave away to my best friend before we moved out of Fort Belvoir housing, because I am nice. I am going to purchase another one later whenever I see one that I like.

extra storage in the kitchen, I have my digital photo frame there and my mail/message/charging station as well as one of my leather dining room chairs that I kept to use there at the built in desk and underneath is Peanut's booster/high chair, we strap it to the leather chair so she can eat with us. phew, ok breathe, lol.
It is always cluttered...this too is life.

this is my den off of the kitchen, Nick Jr is on television of course in here.

same area, the den just different views, of the back porch french style windows and door.

here is my living room, it is a work in progress, right now it has Peanut's old swing and combi pack and play that I use the changing table for changing her diapers.

another view of the living room, my one decoration for halloween...a white pumpkin with the word spooky on it...yeah I am lame.

the view from the living room into the den

here is my front door entrance

the other side of the entry way. you walk up three wide steps to the landing for the main level, its cool.

first sign says "Believe, Courage Want", second sign says "love" and third sign says "There's no place like home"

my laundry room/pantry entrance

my laundry room

yes i know theres hangers there, i noticed that after i uploaded this...love my husband dropping off his dry cleaning hangers right near the entryway and into our unfinished dining room...

the wrought iron furniture we scored for 260 bucks at the bx/px or some other ridiculous amount of money...at MCB Quantico in July. Love shopping on base
just need an umbrella for it...ooh my yard needs to be raked and swept badly!

not finished got this too- a three piece wrought iron bar height patio set for that same amount...all included including the grill. it was insane we got everything for 75% off and then an additional 20% off at the register plus we had a flyer with another 20% off. It was sweet!

ok here is the deck cleaned up the first day we moved in before we scored the patio stuffs...and weed wacked and trimmed the yard

heres my bathroom the first day we moved in before I added a few decorations and towels and soap forgot to take pictures of the bathroom as it looked today.
here is my sink. i think that is onyx or marble, but its nice and the sink is copper. its really squanky for a half bathroom.

Ok I will snap the second floor when I can get to that maybe next week and then I will save the man cave, aka den downstairs, office, workshop and garage for last.

Oh and the outside of my house...you would die if you had to drive up my driveway, it is steep!
gotta love virginia hills.
this was the picture on day one. the yard is not overgrown anymore and we have flower beds...yay. I will have to take more pictures later.
The reason why I have no curtains downstairs is because we live in a very wooded area and it feels like a treehouse.  We love it and don't even notice the neighbors. I am sure this winter we will, but if it ever bothers us I will go buy that dark 3m film or curtains and put it on my windows.  No one can really see into our house anyways with the driveway and the porch lit up at night so its not a big deal. Upstairs we have curtains on the windows, and of course blinds in all of the bathrooms with windows.