Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Feeling kind of blue and other rambles

I am so sick of noggin...I love my daughters, but I really need friends out here.

This is starting to suck.

I went from working to not working and to being at home and now I hate being here everyday...I have been ostracized from my "friends" because I no longer work with them.  It makes me sad.

Tommorow is my daughter's birthday.  My husband and I have planned to get her a cake and icecream and do something small with our family.  My family and his family have sent gifts and of course we have bought her gifts as well.  This will be the first time I have not thrown a birthday party and it is sad. 

I crave a good friend.  Since moving to Virginia things were fine at first, until I moved away.  My so called friends fell off, even after attempts to see them and talk to them, and I know some of it is because I don't live in the area anymore or work at the same job anymore, and that is fine.  Maybe they feel uncomfortable around me, I am not sure.  I just chose to give up trying to contact them and just left it alone. Friendship is a two way street and for me to be driving 45 minutes to your house just to visit every week is ridiculous when you have not once tried to reach out to come see me.  I am just very distraught about this.

I think I need a nap.  My blog is getting whiny...so forgive me if I am boring any of you. 

I looked at layouts today and didn't find anything I liked yet.  I will probably come up with something new and revamp my page a little.

The girls are doing good, except the Princess is torturing me with Noggin.  P is home now and he's making him and me some pizza rolls, good kid. One bonus I may gain about 10 pounds from being at home, which I need... I think I am too skinny.

Peanut did not terrorize my house today, I think she tuckered herself out from all the havoc she caused yesterday. 

On another note, I didn't even talk about my date night with my husband on Friday...shame on me...we went to see Surrogates.  Surprisingly for a Friday night the theatre was not packed
We spent 30 bucks on two large drinks, medium popcorn and loaded nachos plus 20 bucks on the tickets, but it was cool to get out of the house.  I was also surprised that there were not alot of kids in the theatre...not little kids but you know teenagers...there wasn't a lot and the ones that where there were very well mannered.

We had a good time at the theatre, the movie was nice.
Afterwards, we came home and spent the rest of the evening cuddling and watching tv...it was a chilly night.  Waiting for the weather to get a little cooler so we can snuggle in front of the fireplace.

My fireplace invites snuggling up too. see:

this picture was taken the day we moved in, now it is decorated and homely, just have not taken any new pictures of the house yet and was hoping to do so as soon as I get a moment where my house is totally fabulous and Peanut destruction free. LOL.

Hopefully, I will start to meet more people. 

We only have a year left here, but I will go crazy if I go through the last year without a friend close by. 

My problem is I live near a MCB and I don't socialize with any of the MCB wives because they are pretty stuck up and in their own little world and I have nothing to offer them...we are Army and I am so not into the Army life...I have always just been a regular person.  I support my husband but don't get involved in the entire military lifestyle thing...all my girlfriends are the same.  We just never did that.  Here I think that is why I am ostracized...I am not into peoples business, I do have my shit together, and I am not falling apart whenever they are, or are crying to their husbands unit for dumb stuff.  We don't have financial problems, and we aren't having a crazy yo-yo relationship...so I can't relate to anyone.  Not that I have ever knocked them or anyone on it, I just had nothing to contribute to their lives.  If they asked me for advice or an opinion, I had to give them what I thought of the situation...if I could relate and since I could not, the best I could do was listen and tell them as a friend I hoped that things would get better.  I did try to at least do that if I could not answer their questions.  You know the term misery loves company? I think they didn't want to be around me because I was not miserable or had anything bad to say about my life or complain about the complaints they had. 

If they could only read this blog now...they would see that even I, have bad days too. Just at the time, I didn't look at what was going on in their lives as a constant soap opera like some of our other friends did...I did not have them in my life as entertainment...I was genuinely their friend just to be their friend.

Oh well. This blog has turned into a book. Time to eat my pizza rolls...


  1. Thanks for coming to my blog! I'm sure you will make tons of friends soon. You kids are very cute.

  2. thank you for reading. looking forward to making friends


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