Friday, September 25, 2009

What a day!

Finally, I am getting my page together here.  I haven't found any new homes for my older blogs, I think I am going to try to transport them here. I should have moved them to blogger long ago. My bad.

I had an interesting day yesterday, but I will leave it at that. No need for that negativity and childish games. I sent an email to the offender/victim if you look at it the way I do.  I know for a fact this person would never act like that so childishly in all of her years.

The move here to Stafford has been great and peaceful.

Update:  We are going to Montana in October, so that is great.  We have decided to take the train.

Reason one:  Princess who's nearly 3 her birthday is September 30th, and her sister Peanut who is a year old, her birthday is July 11;--these two girls hate flying. It hurts their ears.

Reason two:  P, our oldest who's nearly 13 his birthday is February 5th, he didn't want to be stuck in the Lady with us for nearly four days to travel all that way driving with the girls. Although, he loves the luxury, he hates being couped up in a car, going cross-country.

So what do we do?  We call momma and she buys us tickets for the train, which we will be traveling in first class, which is great. Round trip. Love mommy.

Now, have to go shopping for warm's a bit nippy in Montana at that time of year.

Feels so great that it's fall now.

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