Monday, September 28, 2009

R.I.P my beautiful houseplants

Today Peanut decided to destroy all of my houseplants...she's worse than having a cat...
among other things she just could not help herself with. she just could not behave to save her life today.

what did I do? Walk around and clean up her mess and go "no, no ma'am" all morning.

She's tuckered herself out now and is passed out on the couch.

I'm starting to dread having all this space, it's more to clean up now.  My house has 3900 sq feet of living and its nicely furnished but on three levels, it has survived two kids...but will it survive Peanut?  She has managed to make a mess of some sort in every single room in this house today...from toys to food crumbs because she escapes from the table...she doesn't listen like the Princess Peanut has her own agenda, she's sneaky!  I turn my back and she killed my plants.  I was busy cleaning another mess of hers that involved strewing toys all up and down the stairs.

Only time will tell...will get pictures loaded another time...I'm exhausted and I need a captain and coke...badly!


  1. Nice post - pictures of house plants ..Keep Posting

    pictures of house plants

  2. didnt take the pictures at the time and the plants have since found their way to recycling heaven...thanks for your comment


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