Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Angelina turned 3 today

Today was Angelina's birthday. Here are some pictures

blowing out my three candles

can i have this please

here is my cake

cutting my piece

its littlest pet shop

i am going to wait till she opens everything and then I am going to snatch all of her toys, hehe.

we got her a yo gabba gabba dancey dance mat, littlest pet shop, a princess tent, a big disney princess coloring book (easel style) and her grandparents got her clothes-8 outfits, 30 dollar walmart gift card, and a card that said princess on it. it was cute.  we go to montana next week where her other grandparents/aunts and uncles are planning on doing something for her too. so that should be nice.
it was a nice evening.  i am ready for bed now.

Update on Peanut, she was pretty good today and did not upset her sisters day and behaved herself by not terrorizing my house...which was great.

i was complaining yesterday about noggin, and now it's nick jr.
same programming, same zee the bird, and same moose a moose.
still on 24/7. thank God i have more than one tv.

anyways, thanks for reading.

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