Thursday, October 1, 2009

As our vacation is looming

Am I freaking crazy?

I thought it would be a great idea to ride on Amtrak, but as the day is looming...we get on the train on Monday afternoon...I am having second thoughts.

First let me tell you about the Pros: 
1. I won't have to lug around car seats, as the 'rents will already have them for the girls. 
2. No driving.
3. No toddlers bawling because their ears hurt from take offs and landings

Now for the Cons:
1. Other passengers
2. The frequent stops and possible delays
3. The disembarking at Chicago and the 6 hour layover.
4.  Toting around a double stroller (which can be stowed, but in Chicago for the layover it will be needed!), along with our carry on luggage, our own food-as food service is not at all totally guaranteed if something goes wrong and our kids are toddlers...the oldest P wouldn't mind snacks either, but I am coming prepared due to the horror stories. 
5. Possibility of my cell phone not being able to be recharged, or other items such as the IPOD which has lots of Nick Jr. Cartoons (it's no longer Noggin) and stuff to keep the kids entertained.
6.  40 long travel hours.
7.  We are at the mercy of the freight trains, as Amtrack does not own the railroad lines, so the delays could be for days...

Regrets. Regrets.

We arrive in Glasgow, Montana at 1230 pm on Wednesday if their is no delays.

We are going to spend the first few days at an Inn where MOL worked as a manager free of charge, and head out to the Memorial Service for Grandpa, and then see the sights.  Another pro--all of us are going to be in Montana for this, so we get to see family we have not seen in awhile, some I have never ever seen ever in all the years we have been I am kind of nervous about that too... and then we are going to spend the rest of the time in Scobey with Paris and Cheryl from Sunday to Thursday when we head back home on the train.  We should be home by Saturday. Fingers crossed.

Silver lining--Paris has promised we hit the bar first thing...I am so looking forward to that.  As he will be meeting us at the train, so that is going to be great....yay.

Someone out there please pray for us that we don't have any nightmare situations.  Any advice would be helpful too. I am not looking forward to complications on this trip.

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