Wednesday, October 21, 2009


ok excuse the title, but apparently the people at FEDEX work for SPRINT, they are just plain stupid. 

How hard is it for you to ring a doorbell?  I was sitting right in my living room and your pathetic excuse of a driver didn't even ring.  I had a feeling someone had stopped by, as I got up and checked to see, there's a fed ex tag, and the truck is rolling down the road.  It says I can pick up my package after 630, so I drive there, and guess what??? The location closes at 7, but today it was 659 and by all accounts including my phone which is updated by the was 659 and you were closed!

So now I have to wait another day for the delivery...your employees didn't even want to try to attempt to get my package from whereever it is in the back.

I signed the signature release so just in case, so they can just leave it at the door.  I even called and complained and they apologised but that location was closed and the employees had no access to get my packaging to me as their systems were not running or whatever the excuse was...

grrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhh I want my friggin phone. one more day...

but on a good husband got a tire for his car, came today and he picked it up at the PX or wherever he went to on post and got it, it came in and they called him, so I get my lac back. Yay!

so I have to deal with this phone for one more day...and since the delivery is after 3 is going to be a long day tommorow.


  1. Good luck! I love ranting posts - especially when they get noticed by 'said' company.

    Even better luck with that.

    Hope the phone gets there quickly.

  2. LOL. That's odd. When I received items from fedex before, I lived in an apartment building and they just left my stuff on the front porch... they didn't tell me they were up there or anything, I only knew because I was watching the tracking information!

    UPS, however, has done to me what Fedex did to you. I hate that.... even if you leave a note on the door, unless it is THEIR little yellow slip they still won't leave stuff.

    But sometimes they do which is annoying. Like once I found the camcorder discs I ordered only because I went outside for something and they were hanging on my door handle. But then other times they require a signature. It never makes much sense to me.

    Here's me hoping you get your new phone today :)

  3. That would tick me off. If I am having something delivered I get very excited and want it a day or two BEFORE it shows up. To have it show up and then leave would really bum me out.

  4. yup, I am so mad about this, I have been to my door like 800 times today, lol and its not even 3 yet lol.

    just in case they came early. i did sign the tag though so they should leave it.


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