Thursday, October 1, 2009

Here is our space

Finally took some pictures of my house, here they are... now its only the main level, still have to take pictures of the finished portions of my house that are in the basement and upstairs...when its a little more put together.  I know its minimilistic, but it's because I have kept everything tidy behind cupboards and stuff.  Just sharing my space with ya.

this is my kitchen and my daughter walking through my picture, just as I had it all lined up...

here is our breakfast nook, but for now we eat in here mainly due to the fact that my dining room table and chair set, I gave away to my best friend before we moved out of Fort Belvoir housing, because I am nice. I am going to purchase another one later whenever I see one that I like.

extra storage in the kitchen, I have my digital photo frame there and my mail/message/charging station as well as one of my leather dining room chairs that I kept to use there at the built in desk and underneath is Peanut's booster/high chair, we strap it to the leather chair so she can eat with us. phew, ok breathe, lol.
It is always cluttered...this too is life.

this is my den off of the kitchen, Nick Jr is on television of course in here.

same area, the den just different views, of the back porch french style windows and door.

here is my living room, it is a work in progress, right now it has Peanut's old swing and combi pack and play that I use the changing table for changing her diapers.

another view of the living room, my one decoration for halloween...a white pumpkin with the word spooky on it...yeah I am lame.

the view from the living room into the den

here is my front door entrance

the other side of the entry way. you walk up three wide steps to the landing for the main level, its cool.

first sign says "Believe, Courage Want", second sign says "love" and third sign says "There's no place like home"

my laundry room/pantry entrance

my laundry room

yes i know theres hangers there, i noticed that after i uploaded my husband dropping off his dry cleaning hangers right near the entryway and into our unfinished dining room...

the wrought iron furniture we scored for 260 bucks at the bx/px or some other ridiculous amount of MCB Quantico in July. Love shopping on base
just need an umbrella for it...ooh my yard needs to be raked and swept badly!

not finished got this too- a three piece wrought iron bar height patio set for that same amount...all included including the grill. it was insane we got everything for 75% off and then an additional 20% off at the register plus we had a flyer with another 20% off. It was sweet!

ok here is the deck cleaned up the first day we moved in before we scored the patio stuffs...and weed wacked and trimmed the yard

heres my bathroom the first day we moved in before I added a few decorations and towels and soap forgot to take pictures of the bathroom as it looked today.
here is my sink. i think that is onyx or marble, but its nice and the sink is copper. its really squanky for a half bathroom.

Ok I will snap the second floor when I can get to that maybe next week and then I will save the man cave, aka den downstairs, office, workshop and garage for last.

Oh and the outside of my would die if you had to drive up my driveway, it is steep!
gotta love virginia hills.
this was the picture on day one. the yard is not overgrown anymore and we have flower beds...yay. I will have to take more pictures later.
The reason why I have no curtains downstairs is because we live in a very wooded area and it feels like a treehouse.  We love it and don't even notice the neighbors. I am sure this winter we will, but if it ever bothers us I will go buy that dark 3m film or curtains and put it on my windows.  No one can really see into our house anyways with the driveway and the porch lit up at night so its not a big deal. Upstairs we have curtains on the windows, and of course blinds in all of the bathrooms with windows.


  1. Wow! Your house is fab! Congrats!

  2. Your place is gorgeous and I love the back patio/deck area!

  3. thank you ladies for the comments! will be sure to post more pictures later after i take more.


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