Monday, October 5, 2009

When Plans fall through

Ok so my weekend plans fell through.  I did not hang out with either girls.
Homie from out of town had family stuff to do and that is understandable, she was traveling to see her family and I understand it's not possible to see everyone everytime, so I will just have to visit with her her next visit which she will have more time in November.
Homie #2, well that was my fault, I didn't get up early enough to go see her, this weekend I was a bum...and today when I did call her to go meet up, she got a surprise--her man came home from deployment and so we decided to just meet up at their welcome of many out in DC when I get back from Montana in a couple of weeks.

Oh well, I did have a few good things go on this weekend though. Got to shop for my daughters and son, bought them warm winter clothes...AT WALMART! I hate that store, but there is a supercenter about 11 miles from me in Fredericksburg, so I went and actually enjoyed it, and for the first time in my life walking into a walmart, I spent under 300 bucks and bought groceries for the next two days as well, and they got 7 outfits a that is spectacular.

Now I am not one of those thrifty people but I felt like I did something special by saving money. Kudos to me. LOL

ok, so enough about that...

GOT OUT OF THE YARDWORK. by the time I got done blogging about it, they were finished and I got to sit out on my clean patio and enjoy the nice sun and cool was cool.

Today back to my regular girls are still asleep and its 1130, I am going to go wake those two bums I have been up since my son was up this morning for school.  It's been an okay day so far.

I think with all this free time I am going to just get my nails done today and then pack for my trip tommorow. Yay...2 days on a train...note my sarcasm.  I am not looking forward to the ride, but looking forward to the trip.  Just wish that flying wasn't so hectic or stressful on my girls, I am hoping this train ride won't be either.  Either way I am thankful.


  1. Sounds like overall you had a good weekend! Hope you trip goes smooth.

  2. thank you. i hope so too. have a six hour layover in chicago on wednesday...hope there are no delays


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