Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Curves, Donuts and Nutcrackers

So I had to get a new phone, Peanut destroyed my pearl, so I got a touch, and I hate it, so my husband bought me another phone which is just like my pearl, but its a we will see if I like that one better. I love buttons and pink.  Today my pink pearl should be here, I am excited.

The phone number for it has to be changed though, to switch it over to my number and his number needs to be switched to the touch---the blackberry touch...which leaves his envy, which will go to our son who has a phone he doesn't even know about yet...which he will be happy. he's been using a samsung now for two years, but he is getting an upgrade of a slightly used phone from his father. all will be well and we will all have the phones we want....hopefully.

I had to get onto facebook to ask my friends for their contact information again though, because she destroyed the data port--where the phone gets charged at and they could not retrieve it. Bonus though, the curve I heard has the exact same battery as the pearl so I can use its battery to turn my old phone on, and retrieve my contact list--crossing fingers...hope its true...otherwise I am back to square one.

on another note, my daughters are asleep. I can blissfully enjoy my coffee and check my messages, play with my resume and chat with friends for about an hour or

awh, the little things...

Oh forgot to blog about this, my husband and I went to get my new phone on Saturday night after we got home and got showered and kids settled down, fed, etc.  and we went to Prince William Pkwy to the mall out there and hit up the verizon store, all was fine, it was cold and rainy but it was nice. Anyways on our way home he caught a flat on the interstate, as he was changing the tire and I was playing with my new touch phone..trying to figure it out, someone stopped to help him and it was a female, very beautiful blonde haired female, who was in the Army...he recognized her but did not know her name, but he said "no thanks ma'am, I got it" because it was rainy and dark and cold and I was in the car---not that she could see me, we have dark tinted windows and you cannot see in my car even during the daytime...and he didn't want to give her the wrong impression I guess, (maybe he thought I would flip out--but no, not like that) so she said "Oh, ok looks like you can handle it, take care! " and she left...I asked him who was that and he said "I don't know but she was too pretty to help me change a tire out here in the rain, besides I already have it loose and off."  I was like well you should have let her help because we could have been friends, lol (Me always thinking about meeting people and opportunities, even in the freezing cold and rain and situation of the tire blow out).  Ten minutes after I told him he should have gotten help from that lady, and the whole I could have made a friend or we could have...another car stopped and it was a guy who worked at Quantico for some agency there, I think he said DEA, but he helped my husband change the tire.  Now I just told my husband that we needed friends, do you know that this guy was talking to him telling him about himself, talking to both of us, and helping him out with the tire changing and all my husband does is shake the mans hand and says thanks?  I wanted to smack him, he could have made two friends...but instead he didn't even give him his business card nothing...Now before we got here, he used to be way super friendly and meeting people was easy and natural, now he's just like them.

I pointed this out to him and he was like I just didn't see it, sorry.

Oh well, two missed opportunities.

Afterwards, we went to target and purchased a movie for Denny The Uninvited. When I watched it, I was like this looks like a tale of two sisters, a Korean horror flick I have...and it was the remake of it in English..with a twist.

It was alright though.

Also bought duplicity, but have not cracked it open yet.  I may watch it later.

We went initially to find Transformers which didn't come out until yesterday, but we decided we will buy it next week.  Also, I wanted to find The Proposal, but it was already sold out, so instead of going to Walmart, we just went home.

Before that though I scored this 12.99 nutcracker figurine, but not just any nutcracker figurine--my first Nutcracker figurine in ACU's he is so freaking cute!

I will take pictures of him later and add them to this post or another one...but I just had to share that.

Still no cigar on the friends in this area front...
Back to the car....the donut on the car was convenient, we took his cobalt so it had a spare in the trunk, it wasnt a full tire though it was a we bought another tire that won't be here until Thursday or my husband has been driving my escalade with instructions to check the tire pressure and to be careful.

His blowout was internal though so it wasn't his fault he didn't run over anything.  Those things just happen, the tire was shredded but the rim wasnt bent or anything and the wheels didn't fall off. yay.

I want to go see my friend, like I came home and have a better more positive outlook on things, and was going to go see her...but I can't until I get my ride back. I am not driving on a donut all the way to Maryland.  I. am. not. the. one. to. do. that.

I won't even drive it down the street.  I am too embarrassed, sorry.  If I had to in an emergency, I would but if I can delay going anywhere in it, I will.


  1. I wouldn't be caught driving on a donut either. I think Verizon phones just suck. I have had three since I last had one that I liked and worked decent.

  2. my first verizon phone was a motorola flip phone and it was great, after that...i got a razor, two of them and then the pearl and the last three were awful...considering they crapped out on me. I do give it to the razor though, it got wet alot...but still worked until I got a refurbished one, that one crapped out then went back to the older one and then that one got smashed on my after that got the pearl and it took a few months to get used to it, but my service portion for verizon was great until i got here to virginia, now its good, but not the excellent service i used to have. i get dropped calls alot here and it sucks...have done the whole updating my towers thing, but still to no complete 100% I work right everytime capability.


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