Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's less than 4 days till Halloween and I don't have a costume! Eek!

Scary huh?

I procrastinate.

Before I get into that though,  My husband is now, one step closer to Warrant officer!  He is getting his packet together and getting the required paperwork processed.I hope he gets selected.  Selection is in January. Say a prayer. Things look positive...so far.On another front, he is graduating from ANCOC November 23rd, did not realize he was in school...see I rarely pay attention to his career, and since I am now a stay at home mom--he informs me that school started last week...and not only is he in school for ANCOC he is also an instructor for ANCOC?! How is this possible?  Oh well, thats the Army for ya.

I think it's safe to say that he is going to pass.

As for me, Halloween is around the corner and although I have done absolutely nothing festive around my house for it, I will have my kids dressed up and out trick or treating.  Afterwards, we grown ups in the French household will be going out to DC to hang out with friends from Maryland and hit the night spots out there. This should be fun.We will do our own adult prancing around in costumes.

I will take pictures, no I don't know what I am going as,(initial reason for this post) and yes, it will be something sexy.(I like sexy tasteful)  It's the one time of the year to dress up like whatever, but trust me it will be tasteful.I'm still fairly young...I am not dead yet...and I still look hot.  Is that wrong to say about oneself?  I hope not, it was not to be conceited, I swear.

Here is some pictures of Halloween's past. I did not dress up every year, but here's just a couple years when I did (and had a camera around) and threw in some of the kids' costumes as well:

I was Goldilock's, it goes with this theme here:

Fairytale characters.

ok so for those two pics above it was for a birthday bash for my Libra girlfriends, we were "St Catherine's Graduating Class of 2005" it was fun.

This is last year 2008, Princess Angelina was a scarecrow...and I looked like a witch! lol

Joscelyn's first Halloween 2008 she was a Jack O Lantern...no candy for you Peanut, not until this year.

Princess was Pooh her first Halloween, but she was just also a month old...so costumes weren't all that too easy to find, but we found this, and it was so cute for her and perfect.

and the last year P dressed up which was in 2006.  He was a skeleton person...or something or other, lol.

He says he will dress up this year, we will see...I am taking him last minute shopping on Friday.
That should be fun.

So what should I go as?  What should me and hubby do? A couple theme or go it alone and be something totally different.
One year, I was a bad fairy, and he was a convict, lol...it will be the first time since 2003 he has dressed up.  So we have to figure out something.  Any suggestions will be wonderful.

Our one couple friend has said they will are going to be Mark Antony and Cleopatra. How romantic! 
Hubby suggested we be Chicago Gangsters...Al Capone and I be his lady flapper...I was like I don't know. but I would probably do some type of Mafia outfit.

Princess is Snow White again cuz she wanted it, but its a new costume...and Peanut this year is going to be Belle if I can get the outfit to fit correctly. I may just have to find an alternative when I go shopping with P to get another outfit. Whatever we get the girls will be cu-tie!

I don't know what I want to do, and time is running out. Help!? Ideas?!


  1. Here is my Smile: -) and comment(lolz)

    Guess the Chicago Gangsters is a great idea...

    Moreover the idea is to have fun and enjoy..

    Great Pictures..

    Looking forward to more..


  2. I will have a great time Saturday, I am sure.

    Tommorow I will blog about the costume I got...I am going to brave shopping for it with a new friend I met whos the significant other of a soldier he works with tommorow. Excited.


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