Friday, October 2, 2009

What a difference an hour makes!

Got a call from Jere on my cellphone, and guess what?  He's off this entire weekend!?!
But remember my other plans?  So now I have a choice to make. Here is what I have come up with:

I am going to postpone seeing my girlfriend from Maryland until Sunday so that I can spend time with my hubby and my friend from out of town tommorow since she leaves early Sunday morning to drive back to Georgia.  So, I am going to give my girl in Maryland a call and change plans.

I will explain the situation, that way I get to spend time with both friends this weekend and still as well get to spend time with my husband too.

It's win, win with me getting to spend time with everyone. 

At least that is how I see it. If girlfriend in Maryland can't commit to Sunday, than that is fine, we can reschedule for another day as we both are SAHM now, recently leaving our lucrative careers to care for children at home, and I am sure we can do other things.  It's been awhile since I have seen my homie from Georgia and bonus, her husband is with her, so Jere won't be bored with idle girl talk, he can have a man date as well with her hubby.

Sweet!  I just hope not to disappoint anyone this weekend. Will let you know how it all went.

Bonus:  Today I said hello to our new neighbors two houses down, I was unloading the Lady and she was outside, I waved and spoke--and she waved back. She has two children-girls around Angelina and Joscelyn's cool.. Will have to try to formally "meet" them this weekend.

Excited about the possibilities on that one--playdates, get togethers, birthdays,...wonder if she likes coffee?...guess I will just have to find out.  Makes me want to go knock on her door, but not sure if that is the way to do things now days.

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