Sunday, October 25, 2009

Just another Sunday (long post)

I added a few new things to my blog...twitter updates, facebook badge and updated the blogs I follow list.
I recommend you check out these blogs as they are all a good read.

I am loving my can do just about everything I need it to do...which is great for when I am on the go--which now doesn't happen as often as I am a stay at home mommy.

I am kind of loving that title though, but I do want to get out there and work again.

I also joined a few meetup groups here in the area.  I have yet to get out to a meetup...or rsvp for one, but I am sure that day will come when I see something that interests me or something I have time to go and do.

People just assume because I stay at home that I have absolutely no life...and although as a stay at home mom I do bitch about how I don't have a life sometimes, we all know that this is not true.

Peanut has been throwing tantrums lately, but she is just too super cute to fuss at.  I do my best and just hold her for a few minutes, give her something to drink if she seems thirsty and put her down for her to go terrorize the family again.  She got up really early today and she has been a cranky butt ever since even after she ate a good breakfast, a good lunch and had two snacks.   I don't know-- maybe all that attention she got in Montana is making her be a little more fussy.

I am feeling exhausted these days.  It's the weather.  I feel like I have been hit with a two by four at times.  I ache in my knees which I broke falling up stairs in my twenties (I used to have some fun back in those days and I have scars and war wounds to prove that, lol)...ok so you ask how do you fall UP stairs?'s possible, I did it.  Alcohol + kickass stilettos (which I love, love, love any type of super cute, super hot shoes!) + hubby calling me on the phone from NTC= Suki tripping falling up stairs.  I had physical therapy for six months but I fully recovered except for the phantom pains when the weather is too cold or starts to change or when it rains. 

Princess is being her typical good sweet self.  My husband tells me I favor her more, and I admit, I do...she is my princess.  I don't let her or her siblings know this by any means, as I am fair to both my girls and my son as well, but he sees that sometimes I just coddle her more than I do the others or baby her just a tad bit more--when shes not around her brother or sister, because she is my shy girl and shes independent of the others.  I don't know why I do it, I just do, and I am not sorry for it either.

Am I wrong for that?  I mean, my kids all get spoiled...and they get alot of attention from me.  The girls more so in a way than my eldest because he is always either playing outside with friends or doing his own things away from me...he's pretty independent.  When it comes to shopping though, I buy things for all three even if one child needs more, I still try to include the other children by getting them something, even if it is simple as giving one a soda or a favorite snack when I go clothes shopping for one of them.  So they don't feel left out.

P, he's outside playing with his friends.  Earlier today he was inside playing video games and with his sisters paying some attention to them, so that was nice.  I try not to burden him too much with his sisters, he's a great help with them, but he is by no means their parent.  He willingly plays with them and entertains them or just keeps an eye out on them when I am busy or just need a break. 

Jere is upstairs watching's Sunday, football is on and the Bears are playing so you know he is all about some football.  Me I watch sometimes.  I am more of a fan when I am in the mood for it.  Today I just want to spend time enjoying my girls, my phone, and connecting with people.

Jere came home from work Friday and announced that we will be moving to SCOBEY when he gets out of the army in 10 years (he has to stay in that long to make 3 dots-since he is going warrant next year) because Chief got a phonecall from his daughter at  junior high school--she was frantic.  Why?  She had just been pushed into the wall locker, and groped by a male student!  This was the ball that dropped that made him decide.  So it is official.  I am excited.  It's a long way away, but it's not unforseeable, I know now where we will be in ten years.  Can check that off my ten year plan.

Still have not connected with anyone yet around here or metup with anyone.  It's okay.  I am sure I will meet someone.  I am going to go walking today.  Jere said that he would take a walk with me even though he's keeping up with NFL REDZONE, he would take the time. 

Still have not met my neighbor who lives two houses down yet...but the weather has been terrible since I have been home and no one has been outside.  It's a nice day today though so I better get out while I can.

I miss big blue sky.  I love the fall trees and colors here, but I miss being out west. and miss being in Georgia...I miss my parents.  My friends there.  I wish I could be in all the places that my friends are at. and family. and I just wish...



  1. I think I favor my son. He is my middle child. There is just something different about our relationship. I'm guessing because he is my only boy.

    There are also days where I miss my old job.... alot. It's really the only place a mom can go and be a woman, a real person instead of just a mom. lol.

  2. I don't really see anything wrong with favoring one child over another as long as they don't figure it out. I unfortunately have been watching the Bears game on and off with my hubs today too. I hate fooseball. Hope you are having a great weekend and enjoying some time with the hubs and kids!

  3. Steph, the bears got smoked yesterday...oh my! it was hard to watch, lol.

    PennyD, I favor my middle one too...she is my favorite, and I sometimes feel like I should feel bad about that, but I don't.

    if that made any sense.

    all my kids though seem happy with me though.

    I miss working for that independence, yeah and the social relationships you can get with working.


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