Friday, December 11, 2009

Best of 2009

I saw this at Ex Hot Girl, so I followed the link to this blog challenge and decided to give it a go at the best of for this year. 

I will be doing this probably going backwards, starting today and if I miss a day or days...since I don't blog everyday now due to being super busy, I will just tack them into one post.  Also I know that tommorow is six word saturday and I haven't done one in awhile, so I better make sure I do one then.  #best09 # 1-11

December 11 The best place.  the best place for me this year was Scobey was so peaceful, and quiet, and there was lots and lots of family around.  Can't wait to move there.

December 10 Album of the year.  My best album of the year hands down was Ludacris' theatre of the mind. Loved it.  Maybe not your taste, but I like Ludacris and he gets me through this crazy traffic here in DC, and listened to it so much its now background music.  I had other favorite songs this year, but to me that was my album of the year.

December 9 Challenge.  Hands down my best challenge this year was working as a Project manager.  I learned and grew alot.  Made me a stronger person, and opened up new doors.

December 8 Moment of peace.  My morning coffee and blog time that I discovered later in the year was a great moment of peace for me.  I could escape to the world of the internet and just let my thoughts just dissapate. I know that some of you are like how is that possible? Well, it is for me, I am a Gemini and my thoughts are always non-stop going, going, going.  To have them shut down or slow down to one thought, that was my moment of peace.  Thank you blog friends, for your wonderful blogs and God bless Folgers.

December 7 Blog find of the year.  Theres so many of you out there...but here goes. Every blog I subscribe to, I love and they have made me smile and laugh and cry and cry out.  Otherwise I would not read them. Here are some off the top of my head.  My favorite hot girl (and self proclaimed lunatic) her words, not mine :),  she is an amazing photographer as well and you should check her out on Facebook!  I got to see how a gal could run in stilettos, and I learned to take a step back and watch airplanes and witnessed mayhem and laughed at crazy shenanigans!  This year (army) wife went pink, and proved she was more than just an army wife.  I also got to glimpse into the past and relish in having a young blog friend in her twenties, and got to see life in la la land.  I realized that we all have the tendencies to sometimes wander but are not lost, are undomestic at times, but no matter what, we are fabulous, and we forever change.  I also found someone who shared my interests in crafts, she's better at it, but still I love anything scrapbooky and papercrafty!   I also got to see a breath of fresh air, and get to read about political stuffs from this blog...made me open my eyes to some things.   If it was not for SITS I probably would have no readers and may not have "met" your blogs so I want to give a shout to them as well. I made some rounds this morning. These blogs were my finds of the year.  If I missed any of you, know that I did not do it intentionally, I love all the blogs I read. You women are all amazing!

December 6 Workshop or conference. I didn't attend any this year. I know. Lame.
Does reading your blogs and comments count to learn towards reflection and self-motivation or can be described as beneficial?  I think yes.

December 5 Night out.  My best night out this year cannot be narrowed down to one night.   If I was in Savannah I probably would have had tons of nights out... this year, I went to the club maybe 3 times this year, and most of the other times we went out it was to movies or a concert.  I saw Brittany Spears in April with Roxy, that was fun...and we had the charity benefit a few weeks ago, that was fun, I went out on Halloween with my girlfriend from Maryland, and I had a few great times down in Georgia in Savannah with my besties and went out with my family in Glasgow Montana, and there were movie nights with hubby and kids, so I have to say all of those nights we did stuff were the best for the year.  I can't pinpoint one.  I think I just enjoy myself and have a good time in the moment.  The year is not over yet, I may have to revisit this one. I have a trip to Savannah next week...and thats me and my sisters' stomping grounds.

December 4 Book.  Twilight series.  I read those books. They were entertaining and interesting.  Made my mind escape for about two weeks. 

December 3 Article. This year did not have one article that blew me away or that I shared with my friends.  My friends and I don't have the same views on anything worldly or political...well maybe one friend.  The rest are into  themselves, makeup and hair husbands/boyfriends/ and their jobs and kids...I don't think I have had a deep conversation with anyone about anything that is exciting to me this year at all that is article or newsworthy.  My blogger friends on the other hand we have similar tastes and interests.

December 2 Restaurant moment.   Hands down a few weeks ago we went to Applebees in Norfolk with my sister, I cannot remember what I ordered but the company was great with Jocelyn there and the kids and we just had a blast  catching up and laughing over great food and great conversation.  It was one of the best restaurant moments of the year.

December 1 Trip.  When I went to see my sister graduate from Highschool.  That was the best trip of the year.  I got to see friends and family and of course the main reason why I went down there was to see my baby sister graduate.  I was so excited and had a great time.  My second best trip of the year was our train ride across country to see family in Montana. 

so those are the first 11. Hopefully tommorow I will come and blog early like I did today and get #12 up...New food.


  1. OOOH! This is super fun! Thanks for the shoutout. I'll have to partake!

  2. Aw! Thanks for the shout out! I'm glad I've been able to help entertain your year!

  3. Thank you for the shout out!! Twilight was my best book of the year too!

  4. So cool! Thanks for thinking of me.

  5. Aw, thanks! Sounds like you have has a good year!

  6. You are awesome! Thanks for puttin me on the list. Happy Holidays!!!! :)

  7. Wow, I love this list! Way to stick with a December-long challenge! :D

  8. no problem ladies, keep up the blogging, enjoy the reads! hugs


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