Friday, December 11, 2009

Twitter gone nuts or hacked?!

wow I am on my blog page and I glimpsed over and I started reading my supposed twitter updates---I DID NOT NOR HAVE I BEEN ON TWITTER IN TWO WEEKS!

I am cracking up at these updates. I better change my password looks like either i downloaded something or someone took over my twitter account.


not. funny. but is somewhat.

i dont follow these people, so I am confused.

all of this is not me:
@Dj_A_M_C thanks mate! appreicated it :) storming set as per the norm!. Did you find your wallet in the end? about an hour ago

Think I owe Icicle a beer or something. Cold Fear EP is beautiful. about 18 hours ago

am thinking i should probably go to bed soon. about 22 hours ago @dj_a_m_c's bass face! about 23 hours ago

@thetoonman aye! club night done with. got 3 hours til first train home from london. just chilling. 1 day ago

Club is set. Time for food. 1 day ago

@therisky says the man that went home at 7:30 last night.... ;) 2 days ago

RT @Dj_A_M_C DNBAXmas party 2nite @ East village Shoreditch @DaveSpectraSoul @johnbbeta @MC_Phantom @MCID @2SHYMC Stapelton Optical Rockwell 2 days ago

@thetoonman we offer pleeeennnty of diff beers. Too may good ones to mention. Sadly tho, we also have Budd this side of the pond :( 2 days ago

@thetoonman haha amen to that! none of your American beer though, its too weak :D 2 days ago

@thetoonman caffeine is a big one for me today. next 48 hours awake for. a days work, a party/club night on tonight, days work tomorrow :s 2 days ago

gentle start to the day before the madness starts. 2 days ago

@electrobutter this twitter thing still seems dead. did anyone get anywhere with fixing it? > has the prob 2 days ago

@troyahunt Cool thanks! im famous! ha... ive retweeted and what not. hopefully others will see. 3 days ago

@alyssainez why is the sky blue? 3 days ago

@electrobuffer thanks! not bothering me too much apart people thinking its *me* doing putting my tweets on their blogs. 3 days ago

@Jeloctopus its nothing she or i can fix, its a blogger prob. 3 days ago

@rootside your elbow? 3 days ago

@electrobutter can you take a look at this: 3 days ago
I am logging on to twitter and seeing what is going on. Checked my phone and my last tweet on my timeline was  12 days ago when I said fight fight fight notre dame! Go Irish from UberTwitter


  1. I think Twitter is seriously possessed. I can never figure out what's going on. Good to know that it's not just me.

  2. yeah and today it has me doing more stuff i havent tweeted. its amazing- possessed is not the word for it, its just loopy. may have to take my twitter update button off the blog. hehe. lol


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