Monday, December 7, 2009

Sorry about the late blogs

so far behind on reading blogs and writing them, I have just been busy with my kids. The Peanut has made it her mission in life to terrorize everything.   Her latest act of terror is hiding all the spices in the spice rack....all over the house...I am missing my two key ingredients and will need to go back to the store to purchase more. I think she threw them out. She does do one thing, she does "clean up and pick up trash" maybe she felt I didn't need garlic powder or garlic pepper?"  I will blog again maybe tommorow I hope to give you an update on the surprise for my sister for Thanksgiving, and share the details along with some photos and how we spent thanksgiving weekend.

I will be out of town again on the 18th to go get her and then again we will be going to Georgia on the 20th til the 1st so I won't blog much throughout that time, will be busy but I will try to blog from my cell phone possibly.

I better start logging into blogger first thing so that I can get my blog up tommorow. Gotta run, its bath time and early bedtime for both girls and me, I am exhausted and a little sick too. cough.


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