Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Last two weeks

Ok so i finally changed the layout to the blog. its now festive and Christmas-y.

My sisters surprise at Thanksgiving was me picking up her best friend at Richmond and then picking my sister up with her best friend in tow when we went to Norfolk to get her for her 4 day pass.  She was excited.   Ok so the surprise wasn't a gift, but its a big deal when someone comes to visit around here, as we miss our friends. We had such a great time over Thanksgiving weekend.  Also had friends over for dinner and it was great!  We went sight seeing, we went SHOPPING! played video games until our minds were zombie-fied and  Godfathered, watched Football, ate too much pie and turkey and leftovers, went out to dinner, to the mall to just hang out, watched movies sooverall, we had a great time!  Here are the highlights:

my sister Leah and Jocelyn.
(My Joscelyn is spelled different, here she is...all netted up to block the wind some and in her stroller...

this is at Arlington on the 30th. We went to see the monuments and went to Arlington National Cemetary
this is me  and Joscelyn when we first got to Arlington, and Angelina is in the stroller behind me being pushed by daddy.

Heres a photo of the eternal flame where President Kennedy and his wife and daughter are buried

We also witnessed the changing of the guard

On our way to DC we drove through Mt. Vernon and took some pictures of the fall scenery as 95 north was gridlocked, but it was a nice drive. We didn't find parking so we drove around the monuments in DC and I promised Jocelyn her next trip had to be around a non holiday week. lol. We drove around for four hours trying to find parking. Guess we should have gotten there at butt crack thirty in the morning. Hehe. my bad.

that was the weekend of Thanksgiving.

This past weekend it snowed here in Va on Saturday and my kids made a snowman, sorta...here it is:

The Princess loved it...it melted yesterday though.

Maybe it will snow again before we leave for Georgia on Christmas where they can jump around in snow and play in it more.

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