Monday, December 14, 2009

Best of 2009

I tried to go and do my best of 2009 list, but the website Gwen Bell is down for some reason, it cannot be found so I am not sure what is going on. So I am going to wing it for the last few days and just do these. update: Gwen Bell is back up but I am going to still have these up for my best of for these days.  Here are her suggestions for the best of for the 14th to the 12th they will be in gray:

December 14 Rush  My biggest rush of the year was when I had to go and pick up Jocelyn at the airport in Richmond, to surprise Leah in Norfolk.  They are besties and I thought it was so cool to have such a fun day full of surprises, made thanksgiving weekend great!

December 14. Best Find.  This years best find, was old friends from Highschool. Priscilla. I hadn't spoken to her in 15 years, we lost touch after high school due to us both moving away and she was the best find of the year-the conversations and text messages we have had have been great, and it's great catching up and speaking again.  I hope to visit her one of these days and not let it be another 15 years before we speak or see eachother again. My other best finds were finding Heather, Maria, and Angela also on Facebook and myspace-Heather I hadn't spoken to in nearly a decade and Angela and Maria hadn't spoken to them in 14 years.  I was tickled to death that they were all doing well and that we are all friends again, thankful for social networking sites where I can find old friends.  I may be seeing Maria over the Christmas break.  I am excited.  Maria is Priscilla's sister.  We had some great times in high school.  Angela and Heather and Priscilla all live in Texas, and Fort Hood is top on our list of places the Army is trying to send us so theres a great chance that that is where we will be...I really am looking forward to it if that is the case.  In the case of Priscilla, we have clicked so well, laughed so much, and talked alot in the three weeks we have talked, and we are making up for lost time, --this to me is how it should be with friends.  I missed that and am thankful to have found her and my other friends. 

December 13 What's the best change you made to the place you live? Getting my things unpacked and moving here was the best change, I haven't done much to this place as it was perfect to begin with.  It feels more and more like home and not just a house.

December 13. Best Buy.  This year's best buy was a comfortable pair of no name pajamas from Target.  They are so warm and so comfy and so cute.  I just love Target and I love my pajamas.  They are even fashionable to wear to 7-11 with my thermal top, pouffy coat and comfy boots to dash in and out of the store to get some coffee

December 12 New food. I went to a Chinese restaurant and have had standard chinese food before but I tried thai food at a Chinese restaurant and loved it. 

December 12. Best Day.  The best day of this year by far was Joscelyn's birthday.  I enjoyed having it although I had to work that night, it was still the best day as she turned one years old and we had family and friends  to celebrate it with.  I was very happy.


  1. That's an awesome "Best Find."

    Thai food is one of my faves!

  2. i thought so too! i was so blessed to hear from her.


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