Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dentist visit

I just got back from the dentist, the entire left side of my face is soooooo numb, and I am soooooooooo sleepy.  I had to get a deep cleaning and next week I get to do this again on the right side of my face, then I get to get alot of other massive dental work done in the upcoming months to correct some things. Wisdom teeth pulled, implants put in place of molars that are so worn down...its going to be great. I hate the dentist, but I must take care of my teeth.  They are of course the windows to your health or so they say.

So that is all that has been going on in my world lately.  Started out with a toothache and then now I have to do over 7000.00 worth of dental work. Thank God I have the funds for that...I would never have been able to get it done a year ago.  My catastrophic gap will be maxed out after the next two procedures...hehe. Then the rest I pay for. A total of 5 procedures.  They said that my one tooth breaking was due to calcium deficiency as I had the tooth to show them and yup...it was due to that. So now I am also taking vitamins and calcium.  Kids...my teeth got worse after Peanut was born.

My kids Christmas is coming along, almost done with all the shopping...Black Friday I am going to only a handful of places...to check out a couple of things but not sure if I am buying any of it, just want to see what is out there. I will try to avoid the hoardes of crowds...shopping my PX, Kohls and possibly only Target this year.  Still need to grab a few things for my hubby.

My sister and I will be going and shopping it should be fun.
I have to pick her up tommorow at 1, so that will be cool.   We are having 4 guests this thanksgiving and possibly another 9 more...that should be interesting.  Well, my meds are kicking in, my face is still numb and I am very drowsy now...

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