Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fw: My ER ordeal

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Subject: My ER ordeal

My 5 hour ordeal in Er due to back spasms. Hurt my back walking upstairs last night (Friday) I am so drugged n so tired... Goes in and out. Back feeling better but this blog is to bitch about the visit... 5 hours! A first. Was seen in 2 but stayed for four-got shot with toradol and they sent me home with a slew of meds at 3 am - I did get best sleep ever though.

Today ventured with hubby and kids to the commissary on belvoir and saw some former co-workers who was glad to see me it was great! Even hugged Ms Carol and Aaron I missed them! Also seen my bestie we have plans to get together on Wednesday, yay! She's had a lot going on.

Last week went to a meetup where the organizer and I were the only ones to show although 5 others had rsvp'd yes. It was fun tho having our kids play. Have a few events I am going to attend in the future tho it's promising.

Just need a girlfriend or three that I can call who can be there who,s nearby to help me or rescue me or just have an understanding when gee I don't know-fall upstairs! :)

Also just need a friend to have coffee with, shop with, go out with, get nails done or just talk or laugh with!

As a child I made friends seamlessly and easily. Here I feel like I have to struggle to keep friendships or it takes everything I have just build them-without the same return that I am giving out the return is unbalanced it is ridiculous! Wondering if I treated people like this before and other girlfriends said that I didn't so unsure what type of karma or lesson this is??

Maybe I just haven't met the right people.
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  1. I found it gets more difficult to make new friends, the older you get; people get set in their ways, they have their circle of friends already, or they're busy with work, kids, et.

    Just stopped by from SITS to say hi; hope you'll do the same.

  2. OMGOSH>.. I hope you're feeling better!!!!

    It is so hard for me to make new friends here too. I thought it was just Fort bragg that was the problem. But Gillian just joined girl scouts and the troop leader is so super nice, we seem to have hit it off... so that's something at least. I think I would be comfortable leaving my kids with her...

  3. I do hope you feel better soon. I'm stopping by from SITS. I've read several of your posts. I'd love to follow if I could. Feel better!

  4. Penny, that is matter where u go! i dont know i will start to meet people am starting to but yeah the follow thru sucks...i follow thru they take forever to let you in. its redundant. just want to meet that one person i can click know.


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