Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fort Hood

Prayers go out to the families of the 13 people killed at the soldier processing center at Fort Hood this afternoon.

2 possibly 3 shooters could have been involved.  There was three seperate shootings on base, but the 7 were killed in the Processing center.  30 have been confirmed injured. One shooter has been caught. 
There was another shooting in the theatre and a seperate location on post as well.

Please say a prayer for the familes of the soldiers injured.  These were people inprocessing or getting ready for a deployment that where involved according to news sources.  The story is still developing.

I have been talking to a friend of mine of fb about it who is locked down in her office. The entire post is on lockdown.


  1. it is tragic...a Army Major who was a physician did this...I pray for the families and hopefully we can all find out why he snapped like this...


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