Thursday, November 19, 2009

Not dead :)

I have been so neglectful...sorry.  I did not die. I was just living life out here.
This weekend was a-mazing! I had a blast.  My friend raised 140.00 of her goal, and that was good. She is still raising money, so if you could could you check out this link and donate $5.00, its for a good cause--Help the Homeless, she is donating her money to use towards teaching the homeless computer skills so they can get a job-this was her way of reaching out without just giving it to a church and not really knowing what they were going to use it for, this way they can try to help themselves. I thought it was great, and it's tax deductable.

This week while living life out here, I managed to go on two playdates with my daughters, which was fun. Went to dinner with my husband, and had dinner with my family out, and had a lunch date with my husband and visited with my best friend.  So it was a good week so far, and it's only Thursday.

Today I am having a friend over and another playdate, and tommorow I am taking the girls to bounce room and then I have a private party to attend tommorow night at Fly Lounge.  I am trying to get my networking together... to meet more people and possibly go into promotions? I don't know, I think I have a knack for stuff like a part time gig.  I have met alot of people the last few days, and they seem great and I have been getting alot of invites.  EEK...I can't be in three places at once though!

Things are looking up and up on the friend situation.  I talked to the bestie...she is just depressed.  We had a great four hours the other day laughing and talking though, catching up and playing with the kids. It was nice. The holidays are around the corner and my sister and some friends are coming so that will be great.   We are also going to my best friends house the day after to have dinner, yay. Leftovers...I am taking ours to her house. Hehe so we can try to clear out some food. For Christmas I am going with my sister and kids and seeing my parents, we leave here on the 19th. My hubby is coming a few days before Christmas and is then going to go back to work.  I will spend New Years in Savannah this year, I am going to RSVP to some location and ring in the new year with my sis. Yay.  Only bad thing is Jere won't be there, but I promised my sister I would spend it with her, and he said it would be fine.  She is in the Army in AIT and relies on me for alot, since she is here in our area I am not leaving her hanging and she asked months ago and we agreed.  I love my little sister. She is the bestest!  Love my hubby too for not being even just slightly upset. I will make it up to him. :)

Pictures from Fly Private Friday's, and our own camera shots...

this picture was taken by Garai Rice
He had us pose doing silly stuff. So go check out his gallery. We are on several pages.
Here are my pictures:

Everyone kept asking me if I was a model...okay whatever.
I wanted to tell them, I am currently unemployed, never been a model, and I'm in my thirtiees and married with three kids. I think I did tell some people that.
We were treated like celebrities though and we were in VIP and got free perks just for promoting there that night.  That was the most inexpensive night I have ever had--it was free. It was great!  Met a few great people too, so glad to have went out. My back did not hurt one bit and although there were stairs, I did not trip going up or down either way! Yay for me!


  1. Sounds like you have been having a great time!

    And you look awesome!

  2. thanks girl, i have been but still kind of lonely if that makes any sense. getting better though! ttyl btw your hair looks awesome, love the new do!

  3. If your "not dead" then I must be in a coma. I haven't blogged much either, October sucked away all my energy (job) and I still haven't fully recovered.


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