Thursday, November 12, 2009

thanks for all the well wishes, and the comments on my last post. I think I am going to take the job offer.  My back is feeling much better, yay for prescription drugs, needed them to get the muscles to untense. It was crazy excruciating pain...but I am just about all better now and completely off my meds.  They are stashed away in case of another emergency.

Sorry I missed out on the whole Happy Veteran's Day blog, but I did tweet it, and then spent time with my family.  My hubby had to work so I got to spend time with him after 1 pm, he came home after a half day and he has tommorow off.  Needless to say we are watching da Bears and having a couple few beers, kiddos are asleep and off in dreamland.

Just wanted to hop on here and say thanks. 

Tommorow night I am going to go to a benefit for the Homeless at Fly Lounge here in DC.  That should be fun. My girlfriend Roxzanne is hosting it, am super excited about that. I get to dance for a good cause.  It's called Dance for the Homeless at Fly Lounge.


Will post pictures, will make sure this time to take a bunch!

Sorry haven't checked up on blogs in two days, I will try to catch up this weekend. Love to read my subscriptions and love to read what you all are going through, doing or sharing, it's an inspiration to me and makes me feel like I am making some friends on here. Thanks!  KEEP BLOGGING!

((((Big HUGS))))

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  1. Have fun tomorrow with your friend. Be careful you don't hurt your back again by dancing too much.


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